Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Review- Collagen Serum

My Review: 
I have a serum obsession and this one is one of my favorites! First I wash my face and then I will let my face sit over the steam with a towel over my head so that the steam circulates and stays, for about 10 minutes. After that I pat dry really fast and then I apply this and massage until its soaked into my skin. I haven't had any irritation what so ever, and later on this week I plan on derma-rolling with this serum!! I also apply a moisturizer after I apply this, I wait 10-15 minutes to make sure that it is fully absorbed and that I don't interfere with its process. I like it a lot! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Product Description

Sublime Beauty is the only authorized seller of this serum! THIS IS THE BEST COLLAGEN SERUM ON THE MARKET! RICH WITH PEPTIDES TO FIGHT WRINKLES ? - Rich Anti-Oxidants Help Fight Free Radical Which Can Damage or Age Skin - Adds and Locks in Nourishing Moisture & Boosts Collagen Production - Absorbs Quickly, Leaves Skin Refreshed - Includes the Amazing Matrixyl, a proven & tested peptide for anti-wrinkling Amazing Serum This is a powerful and unique serum which contains the best peptides for your skin plus collagen, aloe and other healing ingredients such as panax ginseng root extract. Peptides are among the best elements for anti-wrinkle products. Different peptides do different things, and the combination of peptides in this serum penetrate the skin deeply, boost collagen production, work against free radicals, relaxes wrinkles and improves the quality of your skin. Other proprietary ingredients work as emollients and enhance moisturizers (such as a honey extract and a coconut oil extract). Collagen is essential - sometimes referred to as the body's cement that holds everything in place and dictates the structure of skin and tissues. We lose collagen as we age. Adding collagen back helps skin to maintains its firmness and elasticity. This wonderful serum should be applied with your fingers and smoothed over your face, concentrating on the under-eye area and where you see signs of aging. The serum feels fresh when applied, and will absorb well. Use with your day cream! Features - The Most Unique and Powerful Collagen & Peptide Serum for Your Skin! - Money back guarantee if your skin doesn't feel pampered, nourished and smoother after using the product. Click to buy above and be on your way to healthier skin!

If you are interested in purchasing for yourself, here is the link.


  1. I have not tried derma-rolling yet. I am kind of curious to try it. The serum sounds great too.