Friday, May 1, 2015

Review- Eyelash Curler + Lashes and Glue

My Review:
I love this eyelash curler, I have used it several times prior to applying mascara. It is rounded in a way that it isn't a "C" shape so that it wont pinch or smash your lid. I haven't used a curler with this shape before, comparing it to Revlon's curler, this one is more versatile. I know it will for more eye shapes. The Revlon lash curler is sort of big for me, and I have pretty big eyes. Also, as a bonus this curler came with a set of lashes which I am loving! They are black lined so you will have to apply liner- but who doesnt put on liner when wearing falsies lol. You kind of have to in order to make it look like they arent there. They are very comfortable to wear and I plan on re-wearing them:) they say you shouldn't because of bacteria but I know how to cleanse them. I'm a germaphobe! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Product Description

If you want those loooong, mesmerizing, curvey eyelashes then you should check out Iris in Paris beauty tools:
Professional Pink Black Mini Eyelash Curler and False Eyelashes with Glue Set. Your friends will envy you for sure! All you need for beautiful eyes is just one click away from you!
Iris in Paris created a professional line of beauty tools to make your eyes bigger, brighter and more open.
THE IRIS IN PARIS PINK and BLACK EYELASH CURLER is adored by Make-up artists in Europe because:
✓ It is a high quality beauty tool, lightweight & comfortable
✓ It has a special ergonomic design that suits most types of eyes
✓ It is easy to use, does not pinch or pull 
✓ Has padded handles (non-slip handles) for a safe and steady grip
✓ Replacement pads are not required 
✓ The result is always perfect: sexy curvy eyelashes, that last you a long time.
The Iris in Paris Premium handmade eyelashes with glue are easy to apply and stunning to behold. The eyelashes are a great way to add length and volume to your own lashes, making your eyes irresistible and more expresive.
THE IRIS IN PARIS PROFESSIONAL EYELASHES are adored by Make-up artists in Europe because:
✓ They are thin and delicate lashes, medium length to enhance and add intensity to your natural eyelashes
✓ They are very easy to fit & apply, lightweight & comfortable 
✓ Are handmade and reusable if you take care of them
✓ They come with a water-based glue
✓ Perfect result: a gorgeous look, fabulous, flirty and seductive eyelashes
GET THE SET TODAY AND TRY IT! If you don't fall in love with these beauty tools, don't keep them! Risk free 90 Days 100% money back guarantee!

If you are interested in purchasing this for yourself, here is the link.

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