Friday, May 1, 2015

Review- Set of 2 Kitchen Tongs

My Review:
I am loving these!! These tongs are the perfect weight and size. The stand is seriously the best idea that a kitchen lover could have ever came up with for tongs! If you cook a lot or have guests over often and you dont want to make a mess, these are perfect! They also have a grip on the handles of the tongs to ensure no slipping or dropping the food. I also love the fact that I have two- I am giving one to my mom! 2 is great but the fact that we both love cooking, I just have to share with her! Another plus is that it has lock on them so whenever you're finished with them and storing them, you and make them close so that they arent wide open and take up space in your drawer. OR if you have a utensil hanger, you can hang them up easily because of the loop on the end. I received these tongs at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Product Description

Multi-purpose Kitchen Tongs with Stand, Set of 2

Beautiful Look, Ergonomic Feel
• Perfect sized stands built-in to keep tongs above the kitchen counter
• Brushed Stainless Steel with Silicone Grips and FDA Food Grade Rubber Tips for extra strength. BPA Free
• Soft feel and good weight makes for a high quality kitchen tong
• Easy to Lock and Store, 'O' Ring allows for hanging storage
• Heavy duty tension spring ensures solid grip
• Right size for almost any job - two 10.5 inch medium sized tongs

Multi-purpose Use:
• Asparagus Tongs
• Salad
• Dessert
• Finger Food
• Turner Tongs
• Appetizer Tongs
• Kitchen Tongs
• Buffet Tongs
• Serving Tongs
• Taco Tongs
• Barbecue BBQ Tongs
• Steak Tongs
• Pasta Tongs
• Wok Utensils
• Kitchen Utensils
• Party Utensils

• Free Extended Warranty with Registration
• Free Recipe eBook by Email (about 7 days after shipping)
• Free Eating Healthy Guide eBook by Email (about 14 days after shipping)

Save Money. Save Time. Eat Healthy. Start Today! 
If you are interested in purchasing for yourself, here is the link.

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