Friday, May 1, 2015

Review- Tweezty

My Review:
I have angled tweezers already, and I have always had trouble with trying to get single hard to reach hairs on my brows. These have made such the difference. They are also great for medical uses, like splinters, or if you get glass in your foot or anything like that. Its great to have more than one kind of tweezer around the house. Another this is that they are very comfortable to hold. I love the wide center, it ensures a good grip! They are sharp so you have to be very careful! They came with a tip protector which is very good if you accidentally leave them laying around and someone picks them up not know how sharp they are. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Product Description

Your search for the perfect ingrown tweezers ends here
Tweezty: A Tweezer with Highly Innovative Design
Having facial hair is one thing that is dreaded by many women as it is often distracting. In some cases, regardless of what you do to get rid of facial hair, it will just grow in the most unwanted places, and it can be challenging to have it removed every day.
Tweezty help you to get rid of facial hair with its unique edge, grip and size. Single and short hairs can be removed with the highest accuracy and are also perfect for ingrown hair removal.
The ultra fine round tip effortlessly grasps even the shortest, finest hairs from the roots to prevent breakage and skin irritation.
Tweezty is made of stainless steel for stable alignment and long-lasting quality which give precision for accurate eyebrow tweezing without having to exert too much effort on your part.
How to ease tweezing?
1. Take a hot shower or use warm washcloth to open pores
2. Use cold water or try After Tweeze to close pores post tweezing

If you are interested in purchasing for yourself, here is the link.

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