Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review- Venus Metallic Temporary Tattoos

My Review:
I wanted to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else so I got these! They are beautiful and they go on just as the little tattoos that you got when you were younger. These are just more matured and stylish! For a specific design that you want, you cut it off and put it on the area that you desire and rub a warm rag and wa-la! They're so cute. These would make a great gift for a daughter, friend or anyone that is into the current trends. They would make a great stocking stuffer around Christmas time too! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Product Description

"Any occasion, any place. Get ready for them camera flashes! as they won't be able to turn their eyes away! Turn up the heat with this HOT NEW LOOK amazing body jewelry temporary tattoos"

With our VENUS TATTOO (TM) Metallic Tattoo Set, you'll get a complete 6 sheets set with *MORE THAN 50* hot new trending tattoo shapes and designs. You can create dazzling combinations on almost every part of your body. This great VENUS TATTOO (TM) set includes the following shapes - Necklace, Wrist Bracelet, Piece, Love, Infinity, Hearts, Leaves, Peacock Leaf, Arrows, Wild Heart, Triangles and much much more. And the best part it looks JUST GREAT! ON ANY SKIN COLOR.

Super Easy To Apply:
1. Clean and dry the area where you're going to place the tattoos
2. Remove the plastic transparent layer and place tattoo face down on your skin.
3. Take a little cloth / sponge, soak it in water, and then wet with it the tattoo that is placed on your skin
4. wait 30 sec and then gently remove white paper from your skin, and let the tattoo dry in the open air for 2 min.

Super Easy To Remove:
Can be easily removed with baby oil or a makeup remover.

Water Resistant & Last Long:
We are very proud of our HIGH QUALITY materials from which these beautiful tattoos have been made from. They are so GREAT that you can even feel free to go with it to the beach or the pool and it will last 2-6 days (depends if you often scrub the area with soap and water)

The BEST PART is that we provide - 100% FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
Unlike other companies, WE STAND behind our brand VENUS TATTOO(TM) and provide 100% full money back guarantee, If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love your VENUS TATTOO(TM) Metallic Temporary Tattoos, just contact us and we will do absolutely anything needed.

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